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IRS tax lien or levy problems? Are you facing home foreclosure?
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Tools for Justice empowers you to stop IRS and federal bank illegal activities:

  • Stop IRS tax lien or levy and illegal withholding of your pay
  • Beat bank home foreclosure

Is the IRS misapplying federal employment taxes against your pay with a tax lien or levy?

Is your pay for work somehow connected to the federal government?
If not, then is the IRS requiring you to declare your pay as federally taxable income?
If so, then the IRS may be misapplying federal employment taxes against you in violation of IRC Section 7214(a), a felony crime.

Through criminal prosecution of the IRS, you can beat the illegal taxation of your pay, including IRS tax lien, levy or withholding activity being conducted under color of law.

Tools for Justice will show you how to stop IRS tax lien, levy or withholding, by filing a criminal complaint against the IRS to stop the illegal taking of your pay, and to obtain a judgment ordering the return of your pay for the last six years.

Do you want to beat home foreclosure?

We will show you how beat home foreclosure by filing a criminal complaint against the federal banks to obtain injunctive relief.

Underlying substantially every mortgage created within the last 14 years is an inflated appraisal performed as part of a scheme of predatory lending and racketeering conducted by the federal banks to rob you as a homeowner of your equity, and to precipitate mortgage default and home foreclosure. Tools for Justice empowers you to beat home foreclosure!

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Our document templates can help you to stop IRS tax lien or levy from taking your pay illegally, and to get your pay back for the last six years. They can also help you to obtain an injunction to beat home foreclosurelearn more

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