RNC Convention Threatened by Second Storm



While most political analysts have turned their attention to the potential destruction that Hurricane Issac could bring to the Republican’s Tampa convention, a second, equally powerful storm is getting ready to unleash its fury on those running the Republican National Committee (RNC).

We’re talking about a storm of very angry delegates.

With documented legal testimony in federal court of broken bones, dislocated hips, punches in the back, ballot stuffing, rigged primary votes, coercion, intimidation, and threatening peoples’ lives, an “open letter” to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Prebius, Mitt Romney and the Romney Campaign by national delegates states clearly that delegates are not so sure that Tampa will be fair play.

In its preamble, the GOP says “Dedication to the rule of law that protects and preserves liberty” is how it operates. However in real life, that hasn’t been true. The Republican Party has flagrantly violated its own code. Their own attorneys argued so in a federal court hearing this month; the testimony is in the public record of the case. The Ron Paul Delegates to the Republican National Convention have written an open letter to Mitt Romney and RNC Chairman Reince Prebius reminding them that unlawful behavior is not acceptable. They are inviting watching Americans as well as Santorum, Gingrich, and even Romney delegates to sign the petition too.

At the upcoming 2012 Republican National Convention next week, will the GOP delegates be given their rights as delegates? Will they be mistreated, or disenfranchised? Will they be cheated, have their votes miscounted, have their bones broken, or be treated like they live in a communist-style country similarly to what clearly occurred during the past several months of state Republican primaries, caucuses, and conventions across the United States? (Those who question this set of accusations just need to refer to the 35 DVDs and 400 affidavits submitted as public evidence under “penalty of perjury” in federal court.)

Hundreds of plaintiffs from across America submitted legal affidavits in the federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court in Santa Ana, California (Case No. SACV 12-00927 DOC (JPRx)) testifying against the RNC and Mitt Romney to specific injuries including election fraud, vote rigging, assaults, threats, intimidation, coercion, and other egregious criminal acts. Without public pressure what stops these same kinds of actions from happening next week in Tampa, Florida at what the lead attorney in that case calls the “organized crime convention?”

What is to prevent the fully documented and notarized affidavit by Dr. Cass Ingram that demonstrates blatant cheating that elected Mitt Romney, for instance, in Lake, DuPage & Kane Counties, Illinois, from occurring again in the Convention Hall in Tampa, since computerized vote counts may once again be used to nominate him over others as Republican candidate for President?

All of this happening while delegates attempt to move for a roll call vote? Will they be allowed to use proper parliamentary rules to demand an open, fair, and honest tallying of their votes? That remains to be seen; so they’re mounting public pressure to assist them through a petition drive and media awareness campaign.

Thousands of individuals represented by state, regional, and national organizations have sent an “open letter” on August 21, 2012 to the RNC, its Chairman, Mr. Reince Priebus, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, and the Romney Campaign. The open letter was sent by common carrier and e-mailed to Priebus and all fifty state Republican Party offices.

The letter questions if the stated “rule of law that both protects and preserves liberty,” applies only to Romney and his camp to the exclusion of all others? And if so, are the delegates going to be denied their duty, and be subjected to criminal actions. After all, federal law prohibits any attempt to coerce, intimidate, or threaten national delegates. What’s in store for these delegates in Tampa? What will prevent this pattern from continuing?

This “open letter” is signed by various grass-roots individuals and supporters in various organizations who are endorsing the efforts of district, state, and national GOP delegates to qualify for the Republican National Convention. However, since the allegations are that legitimate delegates have been fraudulently disqualified even at the district level, this “open letter” calls for the Republican Party leadership to uphold their dictate stated in their preamble that the rule of law will be upheld. And that there will not be any bias or corruption committed against any assigned delegates.

The Convention is about to commence on this coming Monday, August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. The “open letter” ends with a post script that says, “This letter will be signed by the people in an online petition and will also be released to the press.”

A copy of the “open letter” is available at http://www.scribd.com/doc/103540151.

The petition is available at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gop-election-fraud-must-stop/.

Individuals are available for interviews, including national, disenfranchised, & injured delegates, and organization leaders at the DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org office. Call 229-393-2912 or 850-417-8543. Contact name: David Callihan; press@DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org

Further evidence of apparent election fraud may be found at DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org.

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