RNC Convention Threatened by Second Storm



While most political analysts have turned their attention to the potential destruction that Hurricane Issac could bring to the Republican’s Tampa convention, a second, equally powerful storm is getting ready to unleash its fury on those running the Republican National Committee (RNC).

We’re talking about a storm of very angry delegates.

With documented legal testimony in federal court of broken bones, dislocated hips, punches in the back, ballot stuffing, rigged primary votes, coercion, intimidation, and threatening peoples’ lives, an “open letter” to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Prebius, Mitt Romney and the Romney Campaign by national delegates states clearly that delegates are not so sure that Tampa will be fair play.

In its preamble, the GOP says “Dedication to the rule of law that protects and preserves liberty” is how it operates. However in real life, that hasn’t been true. The Republican Party has flagrantly violated its own code. Their own attorneys argued so in a federal court hearing this month; the testimony is in the public record of the case. The Ron Paul Delegates to the Republican National Convention have written an open letter to Mitt Romney and RNC Chairman Reince Prebius reminding them that unlawful behavior is not acceptable. They are inviting watching Americans as well as Santorum, Gingrich, and even Romney delegates to sign the petition too.

At the upcoming 2012 Republican National Convention next week, will the GOP delegates be given their rights as delegates? Will they be mistreated, or disenfranchised? Will they be cheated, have their votes miscounted, have their bones broken, or be treated like they live in a communist-style country similarly to what clearly occurred during the past several months of state Republican primaries, caucuses, and conventions across the United States? (Those who question this set of accusations just need to refer to the 35 DVDs and 400 affidavits submitted as public evidence under “penalty of perjury” in federal court.)

Hundreds of plaintiffs from across America submitted legal affidavits in the federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court in Santa Ana, California (Case No. SACV 12-00927 DOC (JPRx)) testifying against the RNC and Mitt Romney to specific injuries including election fraud, vote rigging, assaults, threats, intimidation, coercion, and other egregious criminal acts. Without public pressure what stops these same kinds of actions from happening next week in Tampa, Florida at what the lead attorney in that case calls the “organized crime convention?”

What is to prevent the fully documented and notarized affidavit by Dr. Cass Ingram that demonstrates blatant cheating that elected Mitt Romney, for instance, in Lake, DuPage & Kane Counties, Illinois, from occurring again in the Convention Hall in Tampa, since computerized vote counts may once again be used to nominate him over others as Republican candidate for President?

All of this happening while delegates attempt to move for a roll call vote? Will they be allowed to use proper parliamentary rules to demand an open, fair, and honest tallying of their votes? That remains to be seen; so they’re mounting public pressure to assist them through a petition drive and media awareness campaign.

Thousands of individuals represented by state, regional, and national organizations have sent an “open letter” on August 21, 2012 to the RNC, its Chairman, Mr. Reince Priebus, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, and the Romney Campaign. The open letter was sent by common carrier and e-mailed to Priebus and all fifty state Republican Party offices.

The letter questions if the stated “rule of law that both protects and preserves liberty,” applies only to Romney and his camp to the exclusion of all others? And if so, are the delegates going to be denied their duty, and be subjected to criminal actions. After all, federal law prohibits any attempt to coerce, intimidate, or threaten national delegates. What’s in store for these delegates in Tampa? What will prevent this pattern from continuing?

This “open letter” is signed by various grass-roots individuals and supporters in various organizations who are endorsing the efforts of district, state, and national GOP delegates to qualify for the Republican National Convention. However, since the allegations are that legitimate delegates have been fraudulently disqualified even at the district level, this “open letter” calls for the Republican Party leadership to uphold their dictate stated in their preamble that the rule of law will be upheld. And that there will not be any bias or corruption committed against any assigned delegates.

The Convention is about to commence on this coming Monday, August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. The “open letter” ends with a post script that says, “This letter will be signed by the people in an online petition and will also be released to the press.”

A copy of the “open letter” is available at http://www.scribd.com/doc/103540151.

The petition is available at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/gop-election-fraud-must-stop/.

Individuals are available for interviews, including national, disenfranchised, & injured delegates, and organization leaders at the DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org office. Call 229-393-2912 or 850-417-8543. Contact name: David Callihan; press@DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org

Further evidence of apparent election fraud may be found at DelegatesFightingGOPFraud.org.

Restoring the Constitution & Second Amendment the right way!

People magazine, in their August 6, 2012 cover story on the needless sacrifice of life that resulted from the unconscionable act of terrorism by James Holmes in the Aurora Century 16 multiplex displays the incredible character of our fellow Americans, even at the moment of wasted death and injury. Yet “millions of numb Americans were left to wonder where, if not a movie theater–that democratic refuge from life’s hardships shared by all, no matter the age, religion, or ethnicity–they could feel safe. ‘This is MY COMMUNITY!’ blogged Cody Hickman, a survivor. . . ‘The helplessness of knowing that I will never be able to keep my family completely safe is paralyzing.’” (People, p.52)

Well actually, Cody, some of us don’t agree that we “will never be able to keep (our) famil(ies) completely safe” any more. But it will demand immediate and radical change. Good, intelligent, and calculated change. In fact, we think the answer is simple, straightforward, and right there in plain view in the U.S. Constitution where it has been right in front of our faces for the last 234 years . . . in the first clause of the 2nd Amendment.

The problem has just been that today, for the most part, we don’t get it. That’s because we have forgotten what it says, and those who knew are long dead. But if we will wake up, read, study, and think, the answer is right there to restoring what we want: security in a State (ideally and literally) of freedom. The answer even includes these words. It is found in this phrase: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State . . .”

But to “get it,” you must do something difficult. You have to step back and put aside your preconceived notions about the definition of words, the ways that the media and our friends–conservatives and liberals alike–have interpreted these words, and what you probably learned (or didn’t learn) in your high school American history or civics classes.  You have to start over from scratch and rethink the original intent and purpose of that phrase. If you do that, you might, just might, be able to help fix this mess. But if you aren’t willing to start by rethinking this concept, and then taking bold and decisive action upon it, Cody’s probably right, we’re “paralyzed” with nothing left but a feeling of hopelessness. But if that happens, it’s our own fault.

I’m here to say, however, that the solution is simple, real, and practical. And 100 percent American! So read carefully if you want to be part of the solution rather than continuing to be part of the problem. Deal? Then let’s go!

If the State of Colorado had “a well-regulated militia” in place today through proper State legislation as constitutionally defined in the first clause of the 2nd Amendment, the tragedy of Aurora, Colorado would certainly not have happened as it played out.

The people in that theater would have all been armed to the teeth. They would have been trained in the “science of government” as part of their regular duty of service, and  by training would have been clear on the proper mind-set of self-defense in their community. With knowledge comes power; self-government is pro-active. People become accountable and responsible. We work from what we know.

Conversely, that diabolical criminal would most likely not have even considered acting as he did in this scenario. But not even for the reasons already stated.

So why not?

His reluctance would have had little to do with the fact that the people in that theater would have been so armed and awakened. That would certainly have been true, but as an afterthought. The real reason would have been because the “security of a free State” would have been in operation. This security is completely missing today.

One might ask, “Where are the State military and civil defense forces defined in the 2nd Amendment?” Answer: Not in Aurora, Colorado. We need to understand what’s absent.

James Holmes Tragedy in Colorado ShootingIf the perpetrator of this dastardly crime, James Holmes would have been a member of the local Colorado State military and civil defense force unit (called the “militia of the several States” in the Constitution) as a requirement of citizenship in the State of Colorado, the people would have been securely prepared through forethought to prevent this tragedy, not reacting to it after the fact. We’ll explain why.

new movement is taking hold across the land; the tragedy at Aurora is the tipping point. The people of the fifty States are being awakened to the fact that we don’t have the security we need and demand. The well-regulated military and civil defense forces of the several States need to be revitalized, starting today!

While the federal government thinks that the people are not qualified to protect themselves, they are wrong. The general government believes that individual Americans are not smart enough to take care of their own communities. They are wrong. The bureaucrats and demagogues think that We the People are not capable of being able to work together to protect ourselves and be strong enough to do what needs to be done. Again, they are wrong. Period.

Every legislature in every State in the Union must be urged by their constituencies (that’s me and you, nobody else) to act now to provide proper security to the people through the establishment of the spirit and practice of the first clause of the Second Amendment. This is not optional; it’s mandatory.

The elected representatives in the legislatures of the several States have taken an oath “to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States” and their individual State. Failure to re-institute the Second Amendment is an sin of omission in violation of this sacred trust.

You as a constituent of your elected representatives need to demand these lawmakers do their duty on your behalf, today. Call and set up a meeting. Organize the people of your legislative district and rally together. Demand that something be done now. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Your future depends on it.

The good people of this local area of Aurora would have had in place proper security measures as part of their State-sanctioned and legislated, highly-organized, local community militia system, similar to the Swiss-model of canton security in place today in that very safe and secure European nation. Did you know we used to have that same model in the American States?

This is the constitutional model. At one time, this was the American model of security as well. But we must go back nearly 150 years to find the statutory provisions for such establishments in the States the way they used to be.

With a proper State military and civil defense force in place, every community knows its neighbors personally. James Holmes would not be a complete stranger capable of pulling off this less than random act of violence. The local sergeant-at-arms would have known what arms he owned in his home. In addition, if he did this crime as a member of his local conscripted unit, he would be up for charges by the local militia unit today, tried within a week, sentenced according to the rules of military justice a few days later, and paying for his crime shortly thereafter, in just a matter of weeks from now, not months, as probably will be the case with current Colorado jurisprudence.

The people of Colorado would see that justice is expedited speedily and properly. It will be part of the Colorado system of public justice and security under militia laws, and the people of Aurora would be sleeping peacefully tonight and every night. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The fact that this is not the case is a simple matter of a lack of good sense and living without basic constitutional protections that are part of our founding documents already. Wake up, America; the answer is as obvious as the nose on your face! We need a massive education in what George Washington called “the science of government” again.

By the way, this is not the socially bastardized word “militia” that people react to as being some reference to “boys playing army in the woods.” This is the constitutionally defined term having to do with proper statutory power authorized by legislative action and enforced by the constitutional prerogatives of the free State.

There are good articles, videos, and books to read and watch on this information. For example, Harvard-trained lawyer and constitutionalist Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. has over 130 scholarly articles at “News With Views” that fully educate us on these issues, and have done so since 2005. This stuff isn’t new; yet most people are still in the dark. It’s time to be enlightened, now, quickly and thoroughly. You now know where to find the information. If you remain willfully ignorant, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

People may be offended by the following phrase because they may feel it is a vulgar statement, yet it is nonetheless true and appropriate:

We were screwed by the Dick Bill of 1903!

That name is the popular one for the Militia Act of 1903 that put in motion the alteration of the State statutes in the fifty States for the reorganization of the constitutional “militia of the several States” that replaced these fine institutions with the National Guard. Most modern Americans erroneously think that the National Guard is the constitutional militia, but they are mistaken.

If you doubt that, ask the United States Senate. In the 1982 U.S. Senate on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the second to last paragraph of their report clearly states that the National Guard is a provision of the standing Army and not the “militia of the several States.” It never has been, and never will be constitutionally. The Guard is part of the standing military provisions of the general government. The States no longer have a proper check-and-balance to this standing military. There is no “power of the sword” in the States. This is a big mistake that needs to be corrected immediately.

Here’s the pertinent wording of that Senate Report:

“That the National Guard is not the “Militia” referred to in the second amendment is even clearer today. Congress has organized the National Guard under its power to “raise and support armies” and not its power to “Provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the Militia”. This Congress chose to do in the interests of organizing reserve military units which were not limited in deployment by the strictures of our power over the constitutional militia (emphasis added), which can be called forth only “to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.” The modern National Guard was specifically intended to avoid status as the constitutional militia (emphasis added), a distinction recognized by 10 U.S.C. Sec 311(a).”

This is a report from 30 years ago! It’s even worse now than then.

However, revitalizing our 2nd Amendment establishment to protect the people of this attacked community, or those in any other State, is not just a theoretical possibility. The citizens of Aurora, Colorado properly armed and accoutered for duty as a condition of State citizenship to serve and protect themselves are fully capable to come together to take care of this problem on their own.

This story would not be a national tragedy being exploited by people like New York City Mayor Bloomberg, Attorney General Holder, and President Obama or candidate Mitt Romney alluding that such actions need federal intervention. The people of the State of Colorado and the other 49 States and five territories would be living without unnecessary fear because “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State” would be practically in place.

The U.S. Constitution would be seriously followed intact. Instead, because we don’t follow it as a closely adhered document, as Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is admonishing us to do, we are still living in a land of apprehension, worry, timidity, and tentative insecurity. Ideas have unintended consequences.

This doesn’t need to be so. We just need to clarify and reestablish proper laws. Every State legislature needs to act, and act now. The people ought to and must now demand it.

This is a time for open dialog and discussion about revitalizing the most important State power that the people can possibly have to maintain security. It is not a time to increase federal intrusion and the power of the Department of Homeland Security under the guise of the “nanny State” protecting its little children from some big mean invisible monster called “terrorism.”

It is time for this nonsensical top-down government to be replaced with common sense bottom-up local and State controls by revitalizing the three vital powers of the State: the power of governance, the power of the purse, and the power of the sword.

We cannot wait one more day to initiate this discussion because another idiot like James Holmes in Colorado, or a possibly misguided vigilante like George Zimmerman in Florida, or some other dangerous individual or individuals are out there.

The larger population of good people need to have the proper tools of self-defense individually and severally necessary to defend their lives, liberty, and property in the pursuit of happiness. These establishments must be provided and maintained. The time is now; the place is here. The reasons are liberty and justice for all. Let’s get to work!

Federal Income Tax – Are You Being Defrauded of Your Pay?

We’re Seeking 70 Million Plaintiffs Interested? Over the past 70 years, millions of American workers have been unknowingly defrauded of their pay through a systematic scheme involving theft-by-deception. This extortion by the general government began as a subtle effort at the end of the Second World War continuing to demand Americans pay income taxes under the assumption that American workers were liable for this income tax according to tax tables indicating that a percentage of a worker’s pay was required as a direct tax.

Since most Americans at the time were not knowledgeable of the principles of federal taxation or United States Supreme Court case law precedent on statutory construction, they didn’t have the tools to disagree with general government officials who carried the power of prosecution to threaten against non-compliance.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that many workers in the mid-1940s didn’t believe they owed the tax. However, honestly questioning such liability was met by strong urging from bosses and managers demanding that workers simply comply, that this was their civic duty and responsibility.

“Of course you owe the tax,” or some other matter-of-fact assertion was given to stifle any honest disputation by an otherwise upstanding citizen and patriot. Many decent Americans after the Second World War reluctantly followed suit and started paying this tax consistently while still questioning whether it was required. It quickly became the minority viewpoint to question the tax.

New young workers entering the job market were quickly brought into line by the requirement to file Form W-4 statements of withholding liability so that by the 1950s, ninety percent of the American people filed a federal income tax return.
This information is easily validated in the research of Piketty and Saez in 2004:
Click Here

Can you imagine a young person of that day, even if he or she had knowledge that the legal justification for such withholding was suspect trying to question the validity of these documents and the withholding of a percentage of each paycheck? The alternative was simply not to have a job.

In the extremely rare instance that some individual might even have tried to decipher the federal tax code in Title 26, the insurmountable odds of being able to work through the labyrinth of complex logic, double and triple negatives, and cross-referencing without the aid of search engines and high-powered computer processors was clearly on the scale of an impossibility.

Add to that the necessary statutory construction requirements and it is clear why it was impossible to expose the fraud at that time. Even with today’s sophisticated technology, it has taken over a decade of research, litigation, and trial-and-error experience to finally “crack the code.” However, the impossible is now possible!

To learn more, please watch the following video:



1941: FDR urges American income tax “privilege;” then follows with Donald Duck.

This is the third of our three-part series first presented on January 11, 12 and 13, 2012 regarding the misapplication of federal employment taxes. We are representing this series because it dovetails with our newly created video explaining the control fraud perpetrated on American citizens for nearly two generations.

How tragic that the system of income tax collection as applied to most working class Americans is in actuality a tax scam swindling millions, and then billions of dollars per year from unknowing Americans over the past 70 years!

This misapplication of the Social Security tax federal employment tax provisions of the federal income tax statutes is being orchestrated mostly through the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division.

Of course, to pull the wool over the average American’s eyes to perpetrate this fraud and deception isn’t “Mickey Mouse” by any stretch of the imagination, but rather Donald Duck! We’ll explain.

Donald Duck The Spirit of '43
Donald Duck The Spirit of ’43

Over just the past five years there have been over 4 million IRS tax liens filed by the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division on America citizens.

According to USA Today on January 5, 2011, “The IRS filed more than 1 million liens in federal fiscal year 2010, the highest in nearly two decades and a spike from the nearly 684,000 filed in the year ahead of the recession’s December 2007 start, according to the annual report to Congress issued Wednesday by the National Taxpayer Advocate.”

With every January 1st anxious thoughts start to emerge as imminent IRS Form W-2s and 1099s are received by millions of Americans from companies they work for in preparation for the upcoming “tax season.” H&R Block, Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service, and other tax return filing offices are busily scheduling appointments for nervous payers across the country.

Most accountants are working 80-hour weeks (or longer) through April 15, with little room for taking on new clients as they prepare income tax returns for their existing payers. What these “bean-counters” are really attempting to account for is a narrow segment of the federal income tax provisions located in social security tax statutes codified in both Subtitle C and Subtitle A of the IRC.

For millions of Americans, mentioning the IRS instills fear and angst like no other governmental agency. People, who might otherwise have no problem digging in their heels and fighting against injustice, individually roll over like a submissive puppy when they consider challenging the allegations of an IRS tax liability.

And no wonder. Knowledge of IRS abuses are commonplace facts,
as this two-part video series demonstrates:

Part 1 IRS – Testimonies – Investigative Reports

Part 2 IRS – Testimonies – Investigative Reports

But what if it were also equivalent, universal, common knowledge that the IRS has been systematically misapplying the Internal Revenue Code for over 70 years? What if the logical corollary is that most Americans are not liable for the federal employment tax because the accounting on their IRS Form 1040 conforming to the material facts corresponding to the statutory definition of “employment” in the Internal Revenue Code shows no federal tax liability for most American workers and hasn’t for several decades, either for them personally or most people they know?

If it was generally well-known that the IRS is misapplying a narrow segment of the Social Security tax federal employment tax statutes codified in Subtitle A in Section 1401 with definitions codified in Section 1402 pointing to the definitions in Subtitle C in Section 3121 to finish them up, would public sentiment change to the extent that the people of America would be more disposed to question the legitimacy of the annual doling out of their personal property? Would they willfully attempt to do something about this IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division scam based on this new and revealing information?

But this raises another question. If the thesis is true that the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division has been so long illegally and criminally misapplying the Internal Revenue Code against millions of Americans, how did we get in this pickle in the first place?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that many years ago the American people, which would have been our parents and grandparents, might have been swindled by a tax scheme of such magnitude that virtually every individual in the country was taken in by it? Is that possible?

Is it really conceivable that the citizenry of the entire nation could have been misled and coerced into believing a carefully orchestrated revenue ruse that would take almost three quarters of a century to uncover and expose?

Of course it’s possible, because that is exactly what has happened! We are just now getting to a place where the entire arrangement is being brought to light comprehensively, after years and years of attempts to uncover it by many decent and intelligent investigators. A legitimate exposure of the truth will finally provide the means of legal remedy to millions of Americans for the dastardly malevolence that has been perpetrated on us.

The reason this is so hard to believe is in part because those of us who are exposing this deception are children or grandchildren of those who were the initial victims of this devious and diabolical crime. Our first and individual involvement in the scheme essentially began with an innocent case of respecting our elders, “following the leader,” and doing what we were told.

When we took our first job and filled out the forms as we were told, there was no reason to question authority. We didn’t know the tax code.
We did what we were taught to do, sign the forms.

Are we any less culpable or blameless for doing so? Of course not; it does however provide some credulity to the reasons why the federal income tax scam has gone on for so long without disclosure.

Another sound reason for the delay in exposing this con is that its inception occurred during an age when there weren’t sufficient tools to easily wade through millions of lines of statutory wording in Title 26 to figure out whether this connived stratagem was legitimate or not.

Most members of society at the original time of this tax swindle were busily engaged in the chore of economic survival, during the latter days of the Great Depression. Virtually no one had the resources to devote a full-time schedule to figuring out the legitimacy of the collection stunt. Nor were they even prone to want to do so.

Even if they were independently wealthy enough to go there, it is arguable that not even the most gifted scholars would have been able to figure out the labyrinth of legalese that hid the truth regarding this underhanded mess.

It took the invention of the personal PC to fully expose the chicanery. Subsequently after years of analysis and investigation by several thousands of very bright and dedicated people is it finally possible to sort it all out. (Many of whom have served jail time for not being entirely correct in their analysis, by the way.)

And here is what has been finally uncovered (Read this very carefully.):

The IRS is misapplying the Social Security tax federal employment tax provisions of the federal income tax statutes. It’s a narrow segment of the federal income tax statutes that the federal government is misapplying.

But those social security tax statutes are codified in both Subtitle C and Subtitle A. That’s the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division scam.

Almost everybody who has been hounded by the IRS has been hounded by an IRS collector whose business card or letterhead shows “IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division.”

The Small Business/Self-employed Division is really the Social Security Tax codified at Subtitle A, Section 1401 with definitions in Section 1402 with those definitions in Section 1402 pointing to the definitions in Section 3121 to finish them up.

No one in the history of the Tax Honesty movement has identified the issue using these words to go up against the IRS misapplication of the federal employment tax.

This finally “cracks the code.” Pete Hendrickson was still “cracking the code;” even he hadn’t cracked it yet. With the Memorandum of Law in the Tools for Justice Document Library, we have the weapons to bring down this fraudulent tax scheme
and the usurpation of governmental authority that has been practiced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the past 70 years.

But how did this incredibly extensive fraud come to pass? What methods were incorporated to pull the entire populace of America into the plot? How could it be possible to reel in an entire country of educated people, hook-line-and-sinker to participate overwhelmingly with their full support, cooperation, and submission?
What dastardly yet subtle steps took place to contribute to this general acquiescence?

Do we have your curiosity perked yet?

Who better to encourage people to do their duty than President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald Duck? Listen to this audio clip by FDR from 1941 to show how powerful the propaganda was orchestrated encouraging citizens to “pay their fair share!” Then we’ll take up the story from this point in our next segment to show what “everyone’s favorite Donald” has to do with it as well.

Anyone who is already sure that the IRS is misapplying federal employment taxes to them will want to join Tools for Justice and get busy writing up your own criminal complaint to get back six years of erroneously collected receipts.

Those who still need more evidence can join Tools for Justice for free today and watch a short video in our members’ area summarizing the legal discovery that “connects the dots” of Congress’s actual statutory intent and the Supreme Court’s case law precedent on statutory construction and interpretation of Constitutional taxation.

Then become a part of building an army of legal activists working together to stop this white-collar crime and restoring the American Dream for yourself and millions of Americans! Those who need to stop an IRS lien and levy, have had a garnishment on their wages or bank account, or received letters from the IRS should also have very keen interest in what is about to be shared.

The income tax scam and swindle that got underway with Roosevelt 70 years ago will end when the same working people who have been the victims of this fraud and scandal learn how it was orchestrated bring it to an end.

To see the new video, click play:


Block, M. & Weisman, S. (December 8, 2010). FDR radio fireside chat December 8, 1941. A history of the income tax. Washington, D.C., National Public Radio® Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/2010/12/08/131913228/A-History-Of-Income-Tax

Hendrickson, P. (2003, 2007). The code is born. Cracking the code. (10th printing. 2008.) (pp. 68-70) United States of America, Peter E. Hendrickson.


Donald Duck and Walt Disney do their “duty” with income tax propaganda!

Donald Duck The Spirit of '43

Donald Duck The Spirit of ’43

This is a republishing of the second of three articles first released on January 11, 12 and 13, 2012 by toolsforjustice.com that bears repeating. This is in light of the newly released legal memorandum that demonstrates a control fraud–a financial weapon against society–unleashed by the U.S. government over 70 years ago. The American people, including our parents, grand parents, and great grandparents were all victims. We need to get piping mad for the deception unleashed against our civil society, our freedom, and our democratic ideals by an out-of-control rogue government and its officials who had, and continue to have, no right to exploit the people of this country for their own self-aggrandized purposes. If you want to rectify this henious crime against society, please read on, and share with everyone you know!

Right on the tail of this first movie, A New Spirit, Walt Disney was chartered to create a follow up propaganda film the next year which was called The Spirit of ‘43, featuring Donald Duck again.

By this time, according to Piketty and Saez’s research, almost fifty percent of American workers were filing and paying income taxes.

But apparently the government needed everyone’s participation, so Disney reluctantly agreed to use Donald Duck one more time, featured in another income tax propaganda film.

And similarly an appeal was made to patriotism, not to legal compulsion, in this short feature once more sponsored by the U.S. government “War Activities Committee.”

As you review this second “short reel” movie, notice the acknowledgment to Donald Duck that “It’s your doe!” Again, what reason exists to use cartoon propaganda to say this, when the government could have just as well used newsreels to demand Americans to just pay their requisite income tax liability?

Could it be because there wasn’t a Congressional mandate to pay the tax, perhaps because of constitutional limitations on the tax itself? Could it be that the American people would have revolted if they really knew what the general government was doing–initiating a control fraud on them and all concurrent generations for decades to come!

Here’s the commentator’s script of The Spirit of ’43:

It’s payday! Millions of dollars pouring into the hands of American workers. Now in the mind of the average worker lives two separate personalities. One, the Thrifty. Oftentimes idle money burns a hole in your pocket which brings out the other personality, the Spendthrift.

(The Spendthrift coaxes Donald toward the bar for a drink and a couple of “dates;” the Thrifty points out a calendar of important dates.)

Important ones too, when every American should pay his or her income tax gladly and proudly. (The notice signs say March 15, 1st payment; June 15, 2nd payment; September 15, 3rd payment, and December 15, 4th payment with the words U.S. Treasury, Save for Taxes Plan below them.) This year, thanks to Hitler and Hirohito, taxes are higher than ever before. Will you have enough money on-hand to meet your payments when they fall due?

(An interesting conversation ensues among the Thrifty, the Spendthrift, and Donald Duck that is quite revealing about the obligation of this income tax):

The Spendthrift grabs Donald: Ah, we’ll take care of that later. Forget it; forget it!

The Thrifty: But you don’t want to forget our fighting men, do ya?

Donald: No sir!

The Thrifty: Then you’ll have to start saving right away to meet your tax payments.

Donald: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

The Spendthrift: Listen, Chum, spend it! It’s your doe.

Donald: Yeah! It’s my doe!

The Thrifty: Aye Laddie, it’s your doe. But it’s your war too. You must save for victory!

(Remember, this video was “approved” by the U.S. War Activities Committee, so it was legally scrutinized for sure.)

The Spendthrift: What’s money for? Spend it; shoot the works!

The Thrifty: Nay, nay, you must save it.

The Spendthrift: Spend.

The Thrifty: Save

(Thrifty and Spendthrift argue back and forth faster and faster while pulling on Donald Duck until they both go flying and crashing away in opposite directions. The scene ends with the Spendthrift being associated with a Nazi swastika and the Thrifty with an American flag.)

The announcer returns: Well, now what are YOU going to do? Spend for the Axis, or save for taxes? Just remember, every dollar you spend for something you don’t need is a dollar spent to help the Axis. That’s right, and every dollar you sock away for taxes is another dollar to sock the Axis! For it is our taxes, my taxes, our taxes that run the factories . . .

(The rest is the exact same ending as the 1941 “A New Spirit” movie, which is reviewable in the last article, or at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMU-KGKK6q8).

So now we have two examples of the major propaganda campaign–control fraudto persuade average American workers to pay for the war with a voluntary income tax. But what happened when the war was over?

The American people continued to file and pay income taxes. In fact, once again turning to the Piketty and Saez report, we see that in 1947, over ninety percent of Americans filed a federal income tax return. It has stayed in at least the high eighty percent level ever since.

The reason for raising this observation is that for the four million Americans with a federal tax lien there is a serious question of liability. There are significantly more others with a federal tax levy or garnishment action. Yet, in these cases, is the IRS and the Department of Justice misapplying the federal employment tax in violation of federal tax laws?

The answer is in the affirmative. But it’s worse than that! If this is a systematic control fraud, then we are dealing with racketeering and conspiracy within the federal government at all levels against 70 million Americans every year. If this is a control fraud, put in place intentionally to control and exploit us, then the peoples’ hard-earned pay is being stolen from them fraudulently for the purpose of governmental manipulation, undermining basic freedom and justice. It’s unconscionable! The American people must wake up . . . now!

This whole idea seems too spectacular to be true. But what if it is true? What if it can be proven that this control fraud has been unleashed as one piece of several to engineer the good people of the United States of America into line with purposes unbeknownst to us all? Are you willing to investigate for yourself? Tools for Justice has prepared a comprehensive memorandum of law that conclusively articulates this legal fact. We have cracked the code!

We also have created a new video and are distributing it through Youtube that summarizes the memorandum entitled Federal Income Taxation with Respect to “Employment” that every single working American should view and study now! You should share this with your family and teach it to your children!

To view it, all you need to do is click on the link we provide, watch it, then spread it everywhere! Everyone is welcome. Furthermore, we need all citizens to start participating in actively participating in montoring proper continuity of government in their local communities. These are common citizens who are well-equipped with proper understanding and legal remedy to overcome the obstacles that rogue government actions and injustices require we identify and respond to in our communities to fix this problem.

If you are interested in more information, or want to join the Revolution and be made whole regarding your own property, then continue to monitor information on Tools for Justice. Join us as we work together to build an army of legal activists restoring the American Dream!

It’s too bad we couldn’t get Donald Duck to join this Revolution too. But then again, he’s just a cartoon character. Our cause involves real peoples’ lives, and a rogue government that needs to stop harming our friends and neighbors through control fraud, and us now!

So what is your patriotic duty regarding your income tax? Getting prepared to file your own criminal complaint against the IRS would be a good starting place to invoke your duty as a freedom-loving patriot! As a matter of fact, it is the legal remedy as well.


Block, M. & Weisman, S. (December 8, 2010). FDR radio fireside chat December 8, 1941. A history of the income tax. Washington, D.C., National Public Radio®

Hendrickson, P. (2003, 2007). The code is born. Cracking the code. (10th printing. 2008.) (pp. 68-70) United States of America, Peter E. Hendrickson.

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Disney, W. “This film distributed and exhibited under the auspices of the war activities committee, motion picture industry.” (1943). The spirit of ‘43. [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Productions. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/HwpyVwYwQuk



70-year IRS Tax Scam started with FDR & Donald Duck

The IRS tax swindle commenced with Disney’s Donald in ’42!

The following article was first published on January 11, 2012. Recently we have completed the publication of a very important video that demonstrates the systematic misapplication of the federal employment tax by the general government against over 70 millions Americans since the Second World War. We believe that it is important to repeat this story once again in light of this video being released to the public.

At the end of this article, you will be directed to the video we just mentioned. Two subsequent articles will continue the discussion, followed by a series that will be presented to the public to assist in gaining clarity as to the seriousness of the misapplication and practical understanding that these articles are attempting to raise.

Consider these observations from as long ago as 1939. In that year, according to facts uncovered in a 2004 study by University of Berkeley Economist Emmanuel Saez and the Paris School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences Professor Thomas Piketty, only 13.6 percent of the American people filed federal income tax returns, and subsequently paid any federal income taxes. That’s essentially one-in-ten individuals in the entire country.

Yet by the end of the Second World War in 1946, 89.1 percent of Americans were filing and paying federal income taxes (Saez & Piketty, 2004). That is a 75 percent increase seven years later. It also represents a complete reciprocal flip in the ratio of filers versus non-filers in just seven years! (From one-in-ten filing to one-in-ten not filing.) Why the complete reversal?

Was there a serious increase in legal threats by the general government (i.e., IRS) during World War Two because of changes in the income tax laws? Hardly. No major changes occurred in Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code as it was first published in 1939. (Hendrickson, 2008) It is still the same to this day, as a matter of fact.

So why this drastic jump in “voluntary compliance?” The answer is found in the incipient patriotic spirit of the American people as the result of the real and worldwide threat of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito—the Axis Powers, and the persuasive talents of at least two very influential characters in American history, who apparently (among many others, we’re sure) had powerful influence on the majority of American citizens during World War Two: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and

Donald Duck A New Spirit 1942

Donald Duck A New Spirit 1942

Donald Duck. While Roosevelt seems obvious, what’s with Donald Duck? Really? Donald Duck? Yep. Donald Duck. As we might facetiously surmise, this chicanery is rather “Mickey Mouse” when you think about it.

But let’s return to FDR for a moment, shall we? For it is our thesis that this propaganda machine was put in place systematically to create a control frauda financial weapon against society–imposed upon the American people from the highest levels of government.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese drew the United States into the War with the surprise, early Sunday morning attack on Pearl Harbor. War was declared by Congress the next day. Two days after the bombing, President Roosevelt held a special radio “fireside chat,” and encouraged his fellow Americans to do their special part to support the newly incubating War effort. Here’s what FDR had to say so shortly after Congress declared War on the Axis powers:

It is not a sacrifice for the industrialist or the wage earner, the farmer or the shopkeeper, the train man or for the doctor to pay more taxes, to buy more bonds, to forego extra profits, to work longer or harder at the task for which he is best fitted; rather, it is a privilege.” – FDR on December 9, 1941, two days after Pearl Harbor and about 24 hours after Congress declared war on the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

In that fireside chat radio broadcast, Roosevelt fed on the nationalistic emotions of the good-natured, patriotic, American citizenry to persuade them to acknowledge their moral duty to concede that “it is not a sacrifice . . . to pay more (income) taxes [or] to buy more [war] bonds . . .” He exploited the highly emotional American devotion of the moment to remind every good citizen of the land that such funding “is not a sacrifice . . . , but a privilege!” Notice that he didn’t tell the American people that paying these income taxes involved a forced legal duty. Why didn’t he go there? Could it simply be because he knew he had no legal standing to do so? The answer is yes. But this will need to be demonstrated to a skeptical public, propagandized for more then half a century to validate such an assertion.

Paying your income taxes to fund the war against Hitler was qualified by President FDR as the “privilege” of every true-blooded American! Who was going to argue with this statement at this hour of crisis? The answer is: Very few, if any one. They would have been ostracized as un-American, even anti-American by most neighbors; most would have considered such individuals to be traitors, no doubt.

No one wanted that kind of label. In fact, in that environment hardly anyone would have even argued the point. Hitler and the Axis powers were the devil incarnate. Every freedom-loving American rallied to believe that in 1942, with extremely few exceptions. Even the isolationists had very weak arguments to oppose war after Pearl Harbor.

But this is just the start of the propaganda machine of the federal government over the next few years to raise tax revenues based on a ubiquitous income tax. The federal government, working under the auspices of the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry persuaded Walt Disney to assist in providing war propaganda in the movie theaters to get Americans to voluntarily send in quarterly income tax payments to fund the war as an act of patriotism.

Remember, there were just a few limited forms of media entertainment in America at this time: the phonograph, the radio, and the movie theater. More than half of U.S. households didn’t even have a telephone. (AT&T had only installed about 15 million phones in the entire country by 1940, while there were over 32 million families according to the U.S. Census.)

Americans went to the movies not only to be entertained, but to stay up on current events watching newsreels shown on a regular basis. During the war, this was a regular part of American life. Many Donald Duck features were produced by Disney Productions to propagandize the war effort for recruiting purposes alone. A quick search on youtube.com demonstrates this simple fact.

Even the U.S. Treasury Department got involved. Take a look at the following Donald Duck short feature cartoon movie. Notice that there is no appeal to any statutory requirements of Americans to fund the war by paying the income tax. Rather it was an appeal to patriotic passion and civic duty. “It’s not your duty; it’s your privilege,” the announcer tells Donald. Privilege! Where does that come from? If that is so, doesn’t that mean we aren’t under a statutory liability to pay the tax? That is a very good question! This film was first shown in theaters in January, 1942, just one month after Pearl Harbor and our full engagement into the Second World War.

Here is the script of the credible and persuasive words of the main voice in the film in conversation with Donald Duck to convince him (and all the watchers in the movie theater) of their patriotic American duty:

Yes, there is a new spirit in America. A spirit of a free people united again in a common cause to stamp tyranny from the earth. Our very shores have been attacked. Your whole country is mobilizing for total war! Your country needs you!

Are you a patriotic American? Eager to do your part? Then there’s something important you can do. You won’t get a medal for doing it. It may mean a sacrifice on your part. But it will be a vital help to your country in this hour of need. Shall I tell you what it is? Shall I?

Your income tax! Yes, your income tax. It may not seem important to you but it is important. Yes, and it’s your privilege! Not just your duty, but your privilege, to help your government by paying your tax, and paying it promptly.

What’s the big hurry? Your country is at war! Your country needs taxes for guns, taxes for ships, taxes for democracy, taxes to beat the Axis! That’s the spirit; now how about your income tax?

(Donald hurriedly brings out calculators, aspirin, law books, dictionaries, math and algebra books, a globe, rulers, files, a compass, a piggy bank, and other items in a huge bundle in both arms.)

You don’t need all that stuff. No. You made less than 3,000 dollars last year? Well then, you can use the new simplified form. It’s streamlined; it’s simple. All you need is a tax blank, your pen, some ink, and a blotter.

First your name, address, and occupation; next, list your dependents. Now, what was your income? Now don’t guess. It will save a lot of trouble if you get it right. Alright, subtract your credit for dependents. Now, you’re single with dependents?

Then just look in column B, and you’ll find it all worked out for you. Now if you really want to help, mail it in early. Be one of the first. Just address it to your local collector of internal revenue and drop it in the nearest mail . . . It shows the new spirit!

The sooner you get your taxes in the sooner they’ll get to work. For it’s your taxes, my taxes, our taxes that run the factories. American factories working day and night. Taxes making guns, machine guns, anti-tank guns, long-range guns; guns, guns, all kinds of guns! To blast the aggressors from the seas!

Taxes for American factories, working full blast, making planes, bombers, dive bombers, flying fortresses, interceptors stalk the birds of prey that fly by night. Taxes to bury the Axis!

Taxes. Taxes for ships, battleships, battle cruisers, destroyers, all kinds of battle wagons! Taxes to sink the Axis!

Taxes to keep them flying. Taxes to keep them rolling; taxes to keep them coming. Taxes to beat to earth the evil destroyer of freedom and peace! This is our fight. The fight for freedom; freedom of speech, of worship, freedom from want and fear. Taxes will keep democracy on the march!

Income taxes to beat the Axis!

That was the mantra that began to be shared by word-of-mouth as more and more Americans went to the theaters and then about their daily lives. How do we know this? Quite simply because over the course of the next five years the number of filed income tax returns doubled (Saez, 2004). But not to stop with one, they created even another Donald Duck movie to continue the propaganda war! We’ll show that video in our next article in this series.

The reason for raising this observation is to ask this question: For the four million Americans with a federal tax lien in the past five years, and the significantly more others with a federal tax levy or garnishment action, is the IRS and the Department of Justice misapplying the federal employment tax in violation of federal law? We believe so. It is called a control fraud–a financial weapon against society, as we said. That misapplication actually started all the way back in the early 1940s. You are its victim too.

Tools for Justice has a comprehensive memorandum of law that conclusively articulates this legal fact. You can now evaluate this entire memorandum yourself to reach your own conclusion by watching our newly released introductory video providing a summary overview of the legal argument we are releasing to the public on Youtube.

To defeat this control fraud, we as Americans are building an army of legal activists who are well-equipped with proper understanding and legal remedy to overcome the obstacles that justice requires to address and fix this very serious problem. You can learn how the code is now cracked and become educated as a Tools for Justice legal activist.

If you are interested in more information, or want to join the Revolution and get your own property back, then become a free member of Tools for Justice. Join us as we restore the American Dream!

So what is your patriotic duty regarding your income tax? We’ll see what Donald Duck has to say to continue propagating this “new spirit of freedom.” Yeah, right. “New spirit of freedom!” It’s ironic that he was just a cartoon character, isn’t it?! But this story isn’t funny; it’s no joke.

In fact, if you really want a sober clarity, please watch the following video:



Block, M. & Weisman, S. (December 8, 2010). FDR radio fireside chat December 8, 1941. A history of the income tax. Washington, D.C., National Public Radio®

Hendrickson, P. (2003, 2007). The code is born. Cracking the code. (10th printing. 2008.) (pp. 68-70) United States of America, Peter E. Hendrickson.

Piketty, T. & Saez, E. (2004). Table A0: Reference totals for tax units and income. Income inequality in the United States, 1913-2002. San Francisco, CA: University of Berkeley.

Disney, W. “This film distributed and exhibited under the auspices of the war activities committee, motion picture industry.” (1942). A new spirit. [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Productions. Retrieved from: http://youtu.be/Rc1wA9jKzvw
Disney, W. “This film distributed and exhibited under the auspices of the war activities committee, motion picture industry.” (1943). The spirit of ‘43. [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Productions. Retrieved from: http://youtu.be/HwpyVwYwQuk

Presidential Primary Voting Rights Violations – Our Legal Remedy

The 2012 Republican presidential primary election process has been significantly corrupted by certain leaders and members of the Republican National Committee and State GOP organizations who oppose the Ron Paul campaign.

The Ron Paul grassroots movement is sweeping the country while Ron Paul delegates are sweeping state conventions. The RNC’s hostile response to Ron Paul delegates, including dirty tricks amounting to felony criminal violations of the federal voting rights statutes, is defaming the Republican Party, but cannot stop the now inevitable brokered national convention in Tampa.

Until recently, we felt helpless to enforce our civil rights. Ron Paul voters and delegates have been cheated, intimidated, threatened, and abused in every conceivable manner by the GOP in an effort to prevent Ron Paul from winning the Republican nomination in the presidential primary.

Presidential Primary – Voting Rights Violations growing list of offenses!

The growing list of offenses is staggering, built upon the foundation of the most obvious:

  • The RNC’s refusal to recognize Ron Paul delegates
  • Blatant favoritism toward Romney as the “presumptive nominee”
  • The outright denial of Paul’s continued viable campaign
  • The demand for Ron Paul delegates to pledge their votes to Romney

These and other actions are amassing into a mountain of violations of what is arguably one the most systematic, widespread egregious cases of deprivation of civil voting rights and election fraud committed in American history. To view a lengthy list of preliminary reports of misconduct, click here.

Despite widespread Internet exposure and mounting evidence of blatant election fraud abuses, the RNC continues to utterly disregard to party rules and federal laws without being held accountable for their criminal misconduct.

The situation is intolerable and the time to assert our rights is long overdue. Rather than merely hoping and meekly begging the RNC to treat us civilly and fairly—a well-established exercise-in-futility—we are organizing to take legal action, armed with statutory law, to assert our rights for fair treatment and honest elections. The remedy is in the law, and in asserting and enforcing the law.

Have YOUR Civil Rights Been Violated (according to federal law)?
Most likely, if you are a Ron Paul delegate or voter, the answer is “yes.”

Criminal Misconduct versus Private Party “Permissible” Rules”
There is considerable misinformation and confusion surrounding what is “permissible” (in terms of private/state party rules) and what is criminal misconduct under federal statutory law.

Therefore it is important to understand that in the proper authoritative legal hierarchy, federal statutes and federal rules prevail in this matter.

For example, there has been some debate regarding the individual states attempting to impose “unit rules” binding their delegates to vote for a specific candidate.

Many cite RNC Rule#38 as the authority to negate unit rules. It states “No delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or any congressional district to impose the unit rule.”However, the highest authority superseding all national and state rules is found in, Title 42 USC Section 1971(b) “Intimidation, threats, or coercion:

No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, or Member of the House of Representatives, Delegates or Commissioners from the Territories or possessions, at any general, special, or primary election held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any such candidate.”

We believe that, according to the above federal statute, all state “unit rules” are null and void and all delegates are unbound. Accordingly, we believe that any state laws, national rules or state rules in conflict with federal United States Code (USC) statutes are null and void as private clubs or organizations have no authority to violate state or federal laws.

An example of felony violation of Title 42 USC 1971 includes the bogus “affidavit” letter sent out to Massachusetts delegates demanding their signed pledge (under pain and penalty of perjury) to vote for Romney on the first voting round at the national convention. This letter had no legal authority. More importantly, this intimidation constitutes felony misconduct. And this example is just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of the violations documented in the testimony that is beginning to flood in.

We Need We the People‘s Help to Document the Crime!
The tasks of uncovering, substantiating and compiling the mountains of evidence from delegates, poll watchers and grassroots activists for the purpose of developing a comprehensive and legally enforceable lawsuit is overwhelming.

ToolsForJustice is acting as a private, secure centralized clearinghouse in cooperation with other organizations, such as RonPaulVoteCount.org, WatchTheVote2012.com, and WTPNetwork.com to support all concerned citizens in enforcing our rights and prosecuting criminal election activity.

Join ToolsForJustice as a FREE member. After joining, login and go toForums” to submit your testimony on our private/secure forum according to the state or territory in which you live.

NOTE: The Membership Agreement is in place for your protection (as well as ours) to prevent criminal government agent/provocateurs from unauthorized use of private member’s information.

Please then help support this effort by sharing this information far and wide! Contact: ToolsForJustice for more information.

To review pertinent case law:





Election fraud in America; what you can do about it?

Many Americans may still be slow to believe that election fraud in America is being perpetrated by the GOP in the 2012 Presidential primaries. However, it is arguable that this naivety on the part of our citizenry is unconscionable any longer. The evidence is overwhelming. However, if you are one of those who is still skeptical, posted below are just a few of the latest articles that have been appeared online exposing evidence of criminality committed against Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul in particular. It seems that the GOP establishment is hell-bent in obstructing his nomination.

According to a recent February 23, 2012 “Breaking News” report by the respected Pew Research Center’s Western Center for Journalism, researchers and statisticians are concerned that “effective systems for maintaining accurate voter registration information,” are “plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence, and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections.” (Kouri, 2012) The report goes so far as to state that this research “suggests that the U.S. is fast approaching the status of Third-World Nation (sic) when it comes to the integrity of local and national elections.” (Read the complete story at the end of this article.)

Feelings of helpless concern about this issue are growing. More and more people are wondering what legal remedy anyone as a sovereign citizen might have to stop such crimes, and see legal remedy occur?

That’s where Tools for Justice, Hidden4thBranch and the process of grand jury investigations can make a difference.

Tools for Justice is joining forces with the author of the recently released book, The Hidden 4th Branch, Kelly Z. Mordecai to organize a mass action movement to force the issue to be criminally investigated by grand juries within multiple counties in every state in the country.

Every concerned citizen can play a part by filing a Concerned Citizen Complaint and Evidence Package with your local county court District Attorney or Criminal Investigator.

By going to the website, Hidden4thBranch.com and clicking on the link entitled

9O Primary Voting Machine Accountability

Any concerned voter can download a Complaint and Evidence Package with literally the click of a few buttons. Simple instructions on how to complete the cover page and submit these documents to your local county grand jury are provided. A complete explanation of the power of the county grand jury is provided. If enough Americans get behind this approach, honest and open election results can materialize to assure that the People observe accountability in the entire national election process.

Tools for Justice and WTPNetwork.com have teamed together to create a “Fictional Future News” story that takes place just a few days in the future, on March 3, 2012. Keep in mind that this story is a prediction of what might happen, because it hasn’t happened – yet!

VOTER FRAUD EXPOSED, causing top State GOP Chairmen to resign:
FFN Breaking News 2012

‎”Well, if you can’t win legitimately…. cheat.” Stalin said, “The people voting don’t count as much as the people counting the vote.” There were many problem…

Following are some of the recent articles pointing to the evidence of election fraud in 2012.

Maine Caucuses: Counties Ron Paul Won Were Ignored, Omitted From Final Count


(Video) Rachel Maddow – Ron Paul Should Have Won Maine Caucus:

Daily Paul: Guess What? South Carolina Primary Results in Question

Click Here


Voter Fraud: Research Study Suggests Major Election Problems

February 23, 2012 By Breaking News

In a typical system, election officials get information about a voter’s identity, eligibility, address, and contact information through a form completed at a public agency, such as a county election office or motor vehicles office, or through an unregulated third party voter registration group, such as a campaign or advocacy organization (ACORN, Project Vote). – The Pew Center

A major non-partisan research project suggests that the U.S. is fast approaching the status of Third-World Nation when it comes to the integrity of local and national elections.

“Our democratic process requires an effective system for maintaining accurate voter registration information. Voter registration lists are used to assign precincts, send sample ballots, provide polling place information, identify and verify voters at polling places, and determine how resources, such as paper ballots and voting machines, are deployed on Election Day” state Pew Center statisticians.

These systems are plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence, and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections, according to Pew researchers.

Voter registration in the United States largely reflects its 19th-century origins and has not kept pace with advancing technology and a mobile society. States’ systems must be brought into the 21st century to be more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient, according to Pew Center statement.

Read More at newswithviews.com By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri.


Kouri, J. (2012.) Voter fraud: Recent study suggests major election problems. Retrieved from westernjournalism.com

Contributors: Hope H., David C., Kelly Z., Ron G.


Home mortgage “underwater?” Need to beat home foreclosure?

Use federal & state RICO statutes to File criminal complaints; prosecute federal bank execs whose property appraisal inflation schemes are about to bite them back—with your help!

The past two articles have pointed out how upper-level executives within the federal banks have manipulated mortgage appraisals of millions of individual homeowners to create a predatory lending environment in which they took advantage of hard-working Americans to line their pockets at the public’s expense. The racketeering activity involving appraisal inflation instigated by the bankers, and conducted by their appraisal management companies, constitutes felony crimes in violation of both federal and state RICO statutes.

These federal banking institutions have, by instigating the inflation of real property appraisals to a significant degree nationwide, directly and proximately caused small business owners and home mortgage borrowers all over the country to be injured in their business or property because they

(1) overpaid for their house;

(2) they would not have entered into the purchase at the contract price if a proper appraisal had been prepared;

(3) they overpaid principle and interest; and

(4) have in certain cases suffered foreclosure.

The net effect of these mortgage banker’s predatory lending inflated appraisal scheme on promissory notes and mortgages or deeds of trust associated with the scheme is that these documents are subject to being legally declared null and void, provided that the victims of the scheme are smart enough and strong enough to file criminal complaints against the bankers and to organize into an army of legal activists enforcing the prosecution of the criminals and their crimes.

Once you realize this, and decide to take action, you become empowered with a genuine legal remedy to your foreclosure problem that is much more desirable and far less costly or time consuming than any of the other options associated with civil foreclosure defense. In other words, there is now a viable way to beat home foreclosure legally!

We are currently writing our federal and state criminal RICO complaint templates and expect to start making them available to Tools for Justice subscribers in late January. Join our growing army of legal activists today as we work together to restore the American Dream and obtain legal remedy!

If you are a victim of property appraisal inflation, then you may want to become a Tools for Justice member now so you can learn how to file your own criminal complaint against the federal banking institutions that have damaged you, and to learn how to obtain an injunction against foreclosure pending the outcome of prosecution. Sign up for your free membership with Tools for Justice and prosecute the banksters to beat home foreclosure. Join now!