Donald Duck and Walt Disney do their “duty” with income tax propaganda!

Donald Duck The Spirit of '43

Donald Duck The Spirit of ’43

This is a republishing of the second of three articles first released on January 11, 12 and 13, 2012 by that bears repeating. This is in light of the newly released legal memorandum that demonstrates a control fraud–a financial weapon against society–unleashed by the U.S. government over 70 years ago. The American people, including our parents, grand parents, and great grandparents were all victims. We need to get piping mad for the deception unleashed against our civil society, our freedom, and our democratic ideals by an out-of-control rogue government and its officials who had, and continue to have, no right to exploit the people of this country for their own self-aggrandized purposes. If you want to rectify this henious crime against society, please read on, and share with everyone you know!

Right on the tail of this first movie, A New Spirit, Walt Disney was chartered to create a follow up propaganda film the next year which was called The Spirit of ‘43, featuring Donald Duck again.

By this time, according to Piketty and Saez’s research, almost fifty percent of American workers were filing and paying income taxes.

But apparently the government needed everyone’s participation, so Disney reluctantly agreed to use Donald Duck one more time, featured in another income tax propaganda film.

And similarly an appeal was made to patriotism, not to legal compulsion, in this short feature once more sponsored by the U.S. government “War Activities Committee.”

As you review this second “short reel” movie, notice the acknowledgment to Donald Duck that “It’s your doe!” Again, what reason exists to use cartoon propaganda to say this, when the government could have just as well used newsreels to demand Americans to just pay their requisite income tax liability?

Could it be because there wasn’t a Congressional mandate to pay the tax, perhaps because of constitutional limitations on the tax itself? Could it be that the American people would have revolted if they really knew what the general government was doing–initiating a control fraud on them and all concurrent generations for decades to come!

Here’s the commentator’s script of The Spirit of ’43:

It’s payday! Millions of dollars pouring into the hands of American workers. Now in the mind of the average worker lives two separate personalities. One, the Thrifty. Oftentimes idle money burns a hole in your pocket which brings out the other personality, the Spendthrift.

(The Spendthrift coaxes Donald toward the bar for a drink and a couple of “dates;” the Thrifty points out a calendar of important dates.)

Important ones too, when every American should pay his or her income tax gladly and proudly. (The notice signs say March 15, 1st payment; June 15, 2nd payment; September 15, 3rd payment, and December 15, 4th payment with the words U.S. Treasury, Save for Taxes Plan below them.) This year, thanks to Hitler and Hirohito, taxes are higher than ever before. Will you have enough money on-hand to meet your payments when they fall due?

(An interesting conversation ensues among the Thrifty, the Spendthrift, and Donald Duck that is quite revealing about the obligation of this income tax):

The Spendthrift grabs Donald: Ah, we’ll take care of that later. Forget it; forget it!

The Thrifty: But you don’t want to forget our fighting men, do ya?

Donald: No sir!

The Thrifty: Then you’ll have to start saving right away to meet your tax payments.

Donald: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

The Spendthrift: Listen, Chum, spend it! It’s your doe.

Donald: Yeah! It’s my doe!

The Thrifty: Aye Laddie, it’s your doe. But it’s your war too. You must save for victory!

(Remember, this video was “approved” by the U.S. War Activities Committee, so it was legally scrutinized for sure.)

The Spendthrift: What’s money for? Spend it; shoot the works!

The Thrifty: Nay, nay, you must save it.

The Spendthrift: Spend.

The Thrifty: Save

(Thrifty and Spendthrift argue back and forth faster and faster while pulling on Donald Duck until they both go flying and crashing away in opposite directions. The scene ends with the Spendthrift being associated with a Nazi swastika and the Thrifty with an American flag.)

The announcer returns: Well, now what are YOU going to do? Spend for the Axis, or save for taxes? Just remember, every dollar you spend for something you don’t need is a dollar spent to help the Axis. That’s right, and every dollar you sock away for taxes is another dollar to sock the Axis! For it is our taxes, my taxes, our taxes that run the factories . . .

(The rest is the exact same ending as the 1941 “A New Spirit” movie, which is reviewable in the last article, or at this link:

So now we have two examples of the major propaganda campaign–control fraudto persuade average American workers to pay for the war with a voluntary income tax. But what happened when the war was over?

The American people continued to file and pay income taxes. In fact, once again turning to the Piketty and Saez report, we see that in 1947, over ninety percent of Americans filed a federal income tax return. It has stayed in at least the high eighty percent level ever since.

The reason for raising this observation is that for the four million Americans with a federal tax lien there is a serious question of liability. There are significantly more others with a federal tax levy or garnishment action. Yet, in these cases, is the IRS and the Department of Justice misapplying the federal employment tax in violation of federal tax laws?

The answer is in the affirmative. But it’s worse than that! If this is a systematic control fraud, then we are dealing with racketeering and conspiracy within the federal government at all levels against 70 million Americans every year. If this is a control fraud, put in place intentionally to control and exploit us, then the peoples’ hard-earned pay is being stolen from them fraudulently for the purpose of governmental manipulation, undermining basic freedom and justice. It’s unconscionable! The American people must wake up . . . now!

This whole idea seems too spectacular to be true. But what if it is true? What if it can be proven that this control fraud has been unleashed as one piece of several to engineer the good people of the United States of America into line with purposes unbeknownst to us all? Are you willing to investigate for yourself? Tools for Justice has prepared a comprehensive memorandum of law that conclusively articulates this legal fact. We have cracked the code!

We also have created a new video and are distributing it through Youtube that summarizes the memorandum entitled Federal Income Taxation with Respect to “Employment” that every single working American should view and study now! You should share this with your family and teach it to your children!

To view it, all you need to do is click on the link we provide, watch it, then spread it everywhere! Everyone is welcome. Furthermore, we need all citizens to start participating in actively participating in montoring proper continuity of government in their local communities. These are common citizens who are well-equipped with proper understanding and legal remedy to overcome the obstacles that rogue government actions and injustices require we identify and respond to in our communities to fix this problem.

If you are interested in more information, or want to join the Revolution and be made whole regarding your own property, then continue to monitor information on Tools for Justice. Join us as we work together to build an army of legal activists restoring the American Dream!

It’s too bad we couldn’t get Donald Duck to join this Revolution too. But then again, he’s just a cartoon character. Our cause involves real peoples’ lives, and a rogue government that needs to stop harming our friends and neighbors through control fraud, and us now!

So what is your patriotic duty regarding your income tax? Getting prepared to file your own criminal complaint against the IRS would be a good starting place to invoke your duty as a freedom-loving patriot! As a matter of fact, it is the legal remedy as well.


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