1941: FDR urges American income tax “privilege;” then follows with Donald Duck.

This is the third of our three-part series first presented on January 11, 12 and 13, 2012 regarding the misapplication of federal employment taxes. We are representing this series because it dovetails with our newly created video explaining the control fraud perpetrated on American citizens for nearly two generations.

How tragic that the system of income tax collection as applied to most working class Americans is in actuality a tax scam swindling millions, and then billions of dollars per year from unknowing Americans over the past 70 years!

This misapplication of the Social Security tax federal employment tax provisions of the federal income tax statutes is being orchestrated mostly through the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division.

Of course, to pull the wool over the average American’s eyes to perpetrate this fraud and deception isn’t “Mickey Mouse” by any stretch of the imagination, but rather Donald Duck! We’ll explain.

Donald Duck The Spirit of '43
Donald Duck The Spirit of ’43

Over just the past five years there have been over 4 million IRS tax liens filed by the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division on America citizens.

According to USA Today on January 5, 2011, “The IRS filed more than 1 million liens in federal fiscal year 2010, the highest in nearly two decades and a spike from the nearly 684,000 filed in the year ahead of the recession’s December 2007 start, according to the annual report to Congress issued Wednesday by the National Taxpayer Advocate.”

With every January 1st anxious thoughts start to emerge as imminent IRS Form W-2s and 1099s are received by millions of Americans from companies they work for in preparation for the upcoming “tax season.” H&R Block, Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service, and other tax return filing offices are busily scheduling appointments for nervous payers across the country.

Most accountants are working 80-hour weeks (or longer) through April 15, with little room for taking on new clients as they prepare income tax returns for their existing payers. What these “bean-counters” are really attempting to account for is a narrow segment of the federal income tax provisions located in social security tax statutes codified in both Subtitle C and Subtitle A of the IRC.

For millions of Americans, mentioning the IRS instills fear and angst like no other governmental agency. People, who might otherwise have no problem digging in their heels and fighting against injustice, individually roll over like a submissive puppy when they consider challenging the allegations of an IRS tax liability.

And no wonder. Knowledge of IRS abuses are commonplace facts,
as this two-part video series demonstrates:

Part 1 IRS – Testimonies – Investigative Reports

Part 2 IRS – Testimonies – Investigative Reports

But what if it were also equivalent, universal, common knowledge that the IRS has been systematically misapplying the Internal Revenue Code for over 70 years? What if the logical corollary is that most Americans are not liable for the federal employment tax because the accounting on their IRS Form 1040 conforming to the material facts corresponding to the statutory definition of “employment” in the Internal Revenue Code shows no federal tax liability for most American workers and hasn’t for several decades, either for them personally or most people they know?

If it was generally well-known that the IRS is misapplying a narrow segment of the Social Security tax federal employment tax statutes codified in Subtitle A in Section 1401 with definitions codified in Section 1402 pointing to the definitions in Subtitle C in Section 3121 to finish them up, would public sentiment change to the extent that the people of America would be more disposed to question the legitimacy of the annual doling out of their personal property? Would they willfully attempt to do something about this IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division scam based on this new and revealing information?

But this raises another question. If the thesis is true that the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division has been so long illegally and criminally misapplying the Internal Revenue Code against millions of Americans, how did we get in this pickle in the first place?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that many years ago the American people, which would have been our parents and grandparents, might have been swindled by a tax scheme of such magnitude that virtually every individual in the country was taken in by it? Is that possible?

Is it really conceivable that the citizenry of the entire nation could have been misled and coerced into believing a carefully orchestrated revenue ruse that would take almost three quarters of a century to uncover and expose?

Of course it’s possible, because that is exactly what has happened! We are just now getting to a place where the entire arrangement is being brought to light comprehensively, after years and years of attempts to uncover it by many decent and intelligent investigators. A legitimate exposure of the truth will finally provide the means of legal remedy to millions of Americans for the dastardly malevolence that has been perpetrated on us.

The reason this is so hard to believe is in part because those of us who are exposing this deception are children or grandchildren of those who were the initial victims of this devious and diabolical crime. Our first and individual involvement in the scheme essentially began with an innocent case of respecting our elders, “following the leader,” and doing what we were told.

When we took our first job and filled out the forms as we were told, there was no reason to question authority. We didn’t know the tax code.
We did what we were taught to do, sign the forms.

Are we any less culpable or blameless for doing so? Of course not; it does however provide some credulity to the reasons why the federal income tax scam has gone on for so long without disclosure.

Another sound reason for the delay in exposing this con is that its inception occurred during an age when there weren’t sufficient tools to easily wade through millions of lines of statutory wording in Title 26 to figure out whether this connived stratagem was legitimate or not.

Most members of society at the original time of this tax swindle were busily engaged in the chore of economic survival, during the latter days of the Great Depression. Virtually no one had the resources to devote a full-time schedule to figuring out the legitimacy of the collection stunt. Nor were they even prone to want to do so.

Even if they were independently wealthy enough to go there, it is arguable that not even the most gifted scholars would have been able to figure out the labyrinth of legalese that hid the truth regarding this underhanded mess.

It took the invention of the personal PC to fully expose the chicanery. Subsequently after years of analysis and investigation by several thousands of very bright and dedicated people is it finally possible to sort it all out. (Many of whom have served jail time for not being entirely correct in their analysis, by the way.)

And here is what has been finally uncovered (Read this very carefully.):

The IRS is misapplying the Social Security tax federal employment tax provisions of the federal income tax statutes. It’s a narrow segment of the federal income tax statutes that the federal government is misapplying.

But those social security tax statutes are codified in both Subtitle C and Subtitle A. That’s the IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division scam.

Almost everybody who has been hounded by the IRS has been hounded by an IRS collector whose business card or letterhead shows “IRS Small Business/Self-employment Division.”

The Small Business/Self-employed Division is really the Social Security Tax codified at Subtitle A, Section 1401 with definitions in Section 1402 with those definitions in Section 1402 pointing to the definitions in Section 3121 to finish them up.

No one in the history of the Tax Honesty movement has identified the issue using these words to go up against the IRS misapplication of the federal employment tax.

This finally “cracks the code.” Pete Hendrickson was still “cracking the code;” even he hadn’t cracked it yet. With the Memorandum of Law in the Tools for Justice Document Library, we have the weapons to bring down this fraudulent tax scheme
and the usurpation of governmental authority that has been practiced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for the past 70 years.

But how did this incredibly extensive fraud come to pass? What methods were incorporated to pull the entire populace of America into the plot? How could it be possible to reel in an entire country of educated people, hook-line-and-sinker to participate overwhelmingly with their full support, cooperation, and submission?
What dastardly yet subtle steps took place to contribute to this general acquiescence?

Do we have your curiosity perked yet?

Who better to encourage people to do their duty than President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald Duck? Listen to this audio clip by FDR from 1941 to show how powerful the propaganda was orchestrated encouraging citizens to “pay their fair share!” Then we’ll take up the story from this point in our next segment to show what “everyone’s favorite Donald” has to do with it as well.

Anyone who is already sure that the IRS is misapplying federal employment taxes to them will want to join Tools for Justice and get busy writing up your own criminal complaint to get back six years of erroneously collected receipts.

Those who still need more evidence can join Tools for Justice for free today and watch a short video in our members’ area summarizing the legal discovery that “connects the dots” of Congress’s actual statutory intent and the Supreme Court’s case law precedent on statutory construction and interpretation of Constitutional taxation.

Then become a part of building an army of legal activists working together to stop this white-collar crime and restoring the American Dream for yourself and millions of Americans! Those who need to stop an IRS lien and levy, have had a garnishment on their wages or bank account, or received letters from the IRS should also have very keen interest in what is about to be shared.

The income tax scam and swindle that got underway with Roosevelt 70 years ago will end when the same working people who have been the victims of this fraud and scandal learn how it was orchestrated bring it to an end.

To see the new video, click play:


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