Federal Income Tax – Are You Being Defrauded of Your Pay?

We’re Seeking 70 Million Plaintiffs Interested? Over the past 70 years, millions of American workers have been unknowingly defrauded of their pay through a systematic scheme involving theft-by-deception. This extortion by the general government began as a subtle effort at the end of the Second World War continuing to demand Americans pay income taxes under the assumption that American workers were liable for this income tax according to tax tables indicating that a percentage of a worker’s pay was required as a direct tax.

Since most Americans at the time were not knowledgeable of the principles of federal taxation or United States Supreme Court case law precedent on statutory construction, they didn’t have the tools to disagree with general government officials who carried the power of prosecution to threaten against non-compliance.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that many workers in the mid-1940s didn’t believe they owed the tax. However, honestly questioning such liability was met by strong urging from bosses and managers demanding that workers simply comply, that this was their civic duty and responsibility.

“Of course you owe the tax,” or some other matter-of-fact assertion was given to stifle any honest disputation by an otherwise upstanding citizen and patriot. Many decent Americans after the Second World War reluctantly followed suit and started paying this tax consistently while still questioning whether it was required. It quickly became the minority viewpoint to question the tax.

New young workers entering the job market were quickly brought into line by the requirement to file Form W-4 statements of withholding liability so that by the 1950s, ninety percent of the American people filed a federal income tax return.
This information is easily validated in the research of Piketty and Saez in 2004:
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Can you imagine a young person of that day, even if he or she had knowledge that the legal justification for such withholding was suspect trying to question the validity of these documents and the withholding of a percentage of each paycheck? The alternative was simply not to have a job.

In the extremely rare instance that some individual might even have tried to decipher the federal tax code in Title 26, the insurmountable odds of being able to work through the labyrinth of complex logic, double and triple negatives, and cross-referencing without the aid of search engines and high-powered computer processors was clearly on the scale of an impossibility.

Add to that the necessary statutory construction requirements and it is clear why it was impossible to expose the fraud at that time. Even with today’s sophisticated technology, it has taken over a decade of research, litigation, and trial-and-error experience to finally “crack the code.” However, the impossible is now possible!

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