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Tools for Justice

Tools for Justice

We work together to build an army of legal activists using proper legal tools to prosecute the criminals who are stealing away our wealth, violating our rights, depriving us of justice, and undermining the rule of law.

We believe that the underlying nature of the major economic problems we currently suffer is criminal, not civil or administrative. We have learned through experience that seeking civil or administrative remedy to criminal problems simply does not work.

We assert that to beat IRS lien and levy and stop home foreclosure legally, indictment and prosecution of the criminals is absolutely essential. We achieve our remedy through enforcing prosecution.

Criminals do not get prosecuted unless people file criminal complaints against the criminals and demand prosecution. So it is up to us!

Due to the enormous size of the problems we are confronting, we create our remedy by filing thousands of criminal complaints, leading to the indictment and prosecution of the thousands of criminals who are operating within and in collusion with the IRS and federal banking.

Only by prosecuting these criminals will we beat the IRS from systematically misapplying the federal employment tax provisions of the federal income tax states, obtain financial restitution, obtain injunctive relief against the illegal taking of our property, and stop home foreclosure. This is what we teach and facilitate.

We are working to restore the rule of law under our national Constitution. This means that we must first grow Tools for Justice into a large and powerful organization, because there is power in numbers. We then educate and empower our growing army of legal activists to prosecute criminals, to beat IRS tax lien and levy activity conducted under color of law, to stop home foreclosure, and to create accountability among government officials.

Tools for JusticeAs we make progress in restoring free and open elections with verifiable vote count, we will further give ourselves a meaningful voice in government by establishing referendum and initiative within each of the 50 States.

Using these tools, we will vote to create legislation correcting the fundamental defects in our existing system of government, and to gradually replace our antiquated and corrupt system of representation with a modern system of direct democracy that genuinely supports and protects liberty, justice, and the American Dream.

We always use proper legal tools to create remedy peacefully, and to facilitate genuine positive reforms in government.

We look forward to assisting you to beat IRS lien and levy and stop home foreclosure legally.

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