IRS Memorandum on Federal Income Taxation

IRS Memorandum on Federal Income Taxation with respect to “Employment” (From a Federal Constitutional Perspective). This is the first in a series of videos explaining the individual income tax through the eyes of a team of pro se litigants who have “cracked the code” through 7 years of litigation against the DOJ Tax Division.

Stop IRS Misapplication of Tax Lien or Levy


Would you like the IRS to stop withholding your pay, and to return the money that the IRS has taken from you for the last six years?

Do you know that federal employment taxes are limited in scope, and that most American workers are not engaged in any of the activities or contractual relationships that are the subject of federal employment taxes?

Do you know that since World War II, the IRS has been illegally misapplying federal employment taxes against most working-class Americans, to covertly steal approximately twenty-five percent of our pay?

Do you know that this activity by the IRS is a felony crime in violation of IRC Sec. 7214(a)?

Would you like to learn how to prosecute the IRS and stop tax lien, stop tax levy and pay withholding and get your money back!

Yes! We provide the means for you to file a criminal complaint against the IRS to stop the theft of your pay, and to obtain a judgment ordering the IRS to return your pay for the last six years, together with compensation for any damages you may have sustained through IRS illegal lien or levy activity.

Tools for Justice is the name of our organization. We are building an army of legal activists using criminal complaints and other legal tools to restore the rule of law under the Constitution, and to obtain proper legal remedy.

We, as Americans, want to be free from federal government-sanctioned criminal activities involving federal agents that are systematically stealing away our wealth. We want to stop the IRS from continuing to illegally misapply federal employment taxes against our pay, and we want our money back!

We want the IRS criminals and their accomplices properly prosecuted.

We also believe that we are strong enough and smart enough to govern ourselves, and through working together intelligently and in an organized fashion, we can rid ourselves of the institutionalized tyranny and corruption that is undermining our wellbeing and subverting our realistic access to the American Dream.

We achieve our objectives by building our army of legal activists using the proper legal tools to peacefully force justice and remedy. We create our remedy by filing thousands of criminal complaints, and in an organized manner, force the prosecution of our criminal complaints, leading to our financial restitution and injunctive relief against harassment or the taking of our property pending the outcome of the criminal prosecutions.

We are not deterred by corrupt judges or prosecutors who are used to aiding and abetting the IRS. We will prosecute every corrupt judge or prosecutor who attempts to obstruct justice.

We have learned that for most of the major economic problems that Americans are currently suffering, criminal prosecution is absolutely necessary for obtaining remedy because the underlying nature of these problems is criminal, not civil or administrative. Seeking civil or administrative remedy to criminal problems simply does not work. Therefore, choosing the proper strategy to get remedy, together with using the proper legal tools, is essential to the desired outcome.

Initially, we are working to restore the rule of law under our national Constitution. This means that we are proceeding to prosecute the criminals who are stealing away our wealth, violating our rights, depriving us of justice, and undermining the rule of law. Later on, we will work to implement significant reforms to our system of government.

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