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Tools for Justice

Tools for Justice

We are an army of legal activists working together to restore the American Dream. We are, as the U.S. Constitution says, “We the People” doing what “the People” properly do—governing ourselves.

We are regular Americans. We aren’t elitists looking for special treatment. We just want to be free from federal government-sanctioned criminal activities that are systematically stealing away our wealth.

We are a unified band of citizens working together to rid ourselves of the institutionalized tyranny and corruption that is undermining our liberty and steadily dissolving justice for all.

We are a unique and committed assembly of patriots inviting one and all to “Join the Revolution” along with us.

We are an on-line community working together to enforce prosecution of corporate criminals and to build better government that genuinely supports the wellbeing of our society. We refuse to put up with corrupt government officials who are acting as domestic enemies of our federal and state constitutions by systematically aiding and abetting corporate criminals in committing economic treason against the American people.

We are a community of Tools for Justice members using our interactive blog and video homepage for the purpose of taking Tools for Justice viral on the Internet. We are growing and learning together how to use legal tools to peacefully enforce justice and to achieve legal remedy through filing criminal complaints against illegal corruption.

We are civic activists working together to create new legislation and new constitutions for all fifty states and for the federal government, to correct the fundamental defects in our present system of government.

If you like who we are, then we invite you to become a part of Tools for Justice today!

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